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2012 achievements:  

  • Kyyvesi trolling, rank 1st.

  • Kyyvesi Cup, rank 2nd.

  • Saimaa Cup 2012, rank 1st.

  • Pike European championship: 1st day -> ranking 8ht, 2nd day -> rank 1st. The overall rank 5th.

  • Nordic Cup, rank 5th.

  • Pihlajavesi trolling winner (K-S Cup).

  • Sulkava row trolling competition winner.

  • Sulkava autumn trolling winner.

2011 achievements::

  • Saimaa Cup, rank 1st.

  • Kuuhankaveden Night trolling rank 1st and 3rd. Congratulations to Tunkkionki's guys!

  • Kyyvesi Cup, rank 3rd.

  • Häme Cup, rank 4 th. Congratulations to Team Mutanen!

Older achievements::

  • Kyyvesi Cup:

-2006, rank 3rd.
-2007, rank 1st.
-2008, rank 2nd.

  • Kyyvesi trolling 2006, 2007, rank 2.

  • Yövesi Salmon Championships 2007, other fish competition, rank 1st.

2010 achievements:

  • Saimaa Cup, rank 1st.

  • Finnish recreational fishermens trolling championship, congratulations to Team Kuutsa/Viljakainen!

  • Häme Cup, rank 6th, congratulations to Team Laaksonen!

  • Kuhakunkku, rank 10th, congratulations to Team Nyyssönen!

  • Päijänne Cup: Team Riipinen

  • *Jyväs-Marine trolling, rank 3rd

  • *Shimano trolling, rank 9th.

Saimaa Cup 2010 winners. Jarjo Viljakainen (left) and Raimo "Rami" Viljakainen. (right)
Finnish recreational fishermens trolling masters 2010
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